In our inaugural Teachers On Teaching podcast, BAST founder, Line Hilton, talks to BAST Trainer, Kaya Herstad Carney. They discuss her singing journey, becoming a teacher (by being thrown in at the deep end). How her MA helped her teaching, working with choirs, teaching technique in a classroom setting. And how working with people recovering from addiction taught her a humbling lesson. Kaya asks Line how she would deal with a student who was getting inaccurate advice and teaching from another singing teacher.

Line and Kaya answer a BAST Grad’s question ” Can we look at how to apply exercises to songs? In other words, how can we help our students to work on their songs via scales, vowels etc. What should we look for in the song to choose the right exercises? And how can we help them perform the song? Use of dynamics, telling the story of the song etc.”



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