I don’t get excited too often, but I am definitely excited about our latest project the Teachers On Teaching podcast. I recorded the first one this week and it is now available through BAST membership (Free and Paid). You can listen to it on Soundcloud or watch it via the site. 

Why a podcast?
Admittedly the podcast is an excuse for me to get on my teacher geek hat once a month and nerd out over singing teaching with other singing teachers. I’ll be inviting friends, colleagues, and members to join me over the ensuing months.

My goal is to inspire, inform, explore and allow us to share our journeys as singing teachers in a friendly, inquisitive and encouraging way.

How to listen
So if you aren’t a member yet check out this LINK to join. We have a Free level and a Paid level, this is for people who have done the BAST course.

We will be rolling out another paid level in the near future for regular singing teachers who have not done the BAST course but still want to build on their education. 

In Episode 1
In this inaugural BAST Podcast, BAST founder, Line Hilton, talks to BAST Trainer, Kaya Herstad Carney. They discuss her singing journey, becoming a teacher (by being thrown in at the deep end), how her MA helped her teaching, working with choirs, teaching technique in a classroom setting and how working with people recovering from addiction taught her a humbling lesson. Kaya asks Line how she would deal with a student who was getting inaccurate advice and teaching from another singing teacher.

Line and Kaya answer the question ” Can we look at how to apply exercises to songs? In other words, how can we help our students to work on their songs via scales, vowels etc. What should we look for in the song to choose the right exercises? And how can we help them perform the song? Use of dynamics, telling the story of the song etc.”

Give me feedback please
So let me know how you find the podcast -I am open to constructive criticism and helpful advice. Warm fuzzies also welcome.

Happy teaching,

Line Hilton
BAST Founder