Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson is a highly sought after Vocal Coach and Singing Teacher with over 10 years experience of teaching and working in the Higher Education sector of the UK.

Ian spent 10 years Lecturing in Vocals at the world-renowned Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, or LIPA, which was founded by Sir Paul McCartney and is now Lecturing in Vocals on a BA in Musical Theatre at the Institute for the Arts in Barcelona, Spain. He is also the founder and co-director of Balance Vocal Studio, also based in Liverpool, and splits his time teaching in both Spain and the UK.   Ian has experience leading workshops and teaching in other countries, such as Switzerland, Malta and the USA, and also teaches clients over Skype and FaceTime.

Ian has an MA in Music from the University of Salford, and a BA in Performing Arts Music from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, along with a Gospel Entertainment and Music Award and a Gold Disc for his contribution to the 2012 UK Christmas No.1 Single “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” for which he arranged and directed the backing vocals and choir.

Ian is a founding member of the Vocology in Practice Teacher Network and is proud to be one of a handful of teachers in the UK to hold ViP Authorisation. To be a BAST Teacher Trainer is a huge honour, and Ian is excited to be involved in the training of excellent Singing Teachers and Vocal Coaches from around the UK and abroad.