As an artist, the best feeling in the world, is knowing that YOU LEFT EVERY OUNCE OF ENERGY ON THAT STAGE; that the audience received the gift of your Presence & Authenticity.  By accomplishing this objective, we can minimize the feeling of regret… wondering if our performances were compelling or impactful enough to leave an impression.  Every venue and audience will vary and the inspiration that charges you for one performance will significantly shift for another…so where are you pulling from?  Have you added enough to your wheelhouse; uncovered the layers of your own experiences; or tapped into your vulnerability so that you can tell captivating stories?  Often times our nerves can get the best of us however, it is the work that we do off stage that will help us manage the stage fright so that we can ultimately use it to fuel an optimal performance.

The Rose Effect’s mission is to expand your comfort zone beyond your perceived capacity & harness your performances through Stage Presence, Engagement, Connectivity, and Personalization.

All Performers should be able to communicate the following questions:

  • What makes you special?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • Why do you care?
  • Why should anyone else care?
  • What do you want your performance to say?

These questions are the key to validating and pre-approving yourself rather than allowing the approval of others to take precedence. The more you can see yourself – the less you squander your own power!

You must be able to tell your story so explicitly that it never appears that you are asking permission to be you…it should never be rhetorical!  There is no room to be vague!  No one should ever be able to hi-jack your story because it BELONGS TO YOU!  

The audience does not owe you their attention, it is your job to earn it…and you can do so with a level of Confidence and Honesty.  If 10 performers come before you and 10 come after you, what will make your performance resonate?  Talent is subjective but your ability to tell your story in a way that is relatable and compelling is your key to freedom!

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