Mindy Pack hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. She began singing professionally from a young age, taking up teaching as it seemed the right thing to do. Like many of us took her voice for granted until the day it wasn’t there. This event was a turning point for Mindy as it took her down an unexpected path. As a teacher, she was already exploring and building on her technique and teaching skills, but now she had to figure out how to get her voice back. As a result of this new journey, Mindy has become a go-to voice teacher for ENTs and Speech Pathologists to send their rehab patients to. She talks about how she helps singers back to singing post-injury or surgery.

In her practice, Mindy works with pro singers from all genres and styles of music. Her clients have been seen on world tours, national Broadway tours, AMA’s, Grammy’s, Saturday Night Live, International Award shows, YouTube Sensations, College Scholarship Winners, Reality TV Shows, Cruise Lines, and local and national performances to name a few. As you will discover Mindy has a dynamite personality and she and Line always find something to get hysterical about, this podcast was no different. Find out why Mindy’s neighbour came running into her studio one day with a gun in hand…

Website: mindypack.com

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