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Ep.28 Finding the fundamental truths of singing with Rachel Lynes

    It’s the return of Singing Teachers Talk podcast!

    What are the six fundamentals of singing? That’s just one of the topics of conversation on the podcast this week. Alexa Terry is joined by guest Rachel Lynes, vocal coach and ex-West End performer.

    Find out all about how and why Rachel founded Sing Space, home of the world’s first online Vocal Gym.   


    Are you aware of your resonance? Can you feel that tangible thing within your body.  All of your muscles in your body are connected. For example, you can’t clench your jaw with your tongue out. Are all your muscles free to move how they need to? The Vocal GYM has expanded to having guest coaches who run a wide range of classes such as vocal yoga, as well as Rachel’s fundamentals of singing.  The scientific knowledge Rachel gained while putting together her vocal coaching has helped her understand and define the things that we feel in our bodies as we sing.   


    ‘Singing isn’t about doing, it’s about guiding and feeling’

    ‘The science gave me context. It provided clarity to the view’

    ‘We sing better when we feel safer’  


    Vocal Gym:

    Sensory Homunculus Images, referenced at 21:43: Linked here.

    Line Hilton:

    Heidi Moss:

    Kenneth Bozeman:

    Stephen King:

    The Laryngeal Nerves:

    Natalie Weiss:

    ‘She Used to Be Mine’ from Waitress, breakdown by Rachel Lynes:



    Rachel Lynes is an ex-West End performer and Vocal Coach. She specialises in vocal advancement, and career mentoring for performers and vocal coaches. She is the founder of the Sing Space, home of the world’s first online Vocal Gym™ – open 24/7 for you to access professional development with globally renowned experts in all genres and techniques.  

    Websites: &

    Rachel on Instagram: @rachellynesvocalcoach The Sing Space on Instagram: @thesingspace  

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