We have these living creatures inside of us, this mass of different microbes that need to be looked afterStephanie Moore

Nutritionist and author, Stephanie Moore is a powerhouse of nutritional and health information. It’s becoming more and more accepted that health and wellbeing starts from the inside. Stephanie and Line discuss how gut health impacts not only the performer’s general health but also their brain  health and function. Do you experience ‘brain fog’? Well this could be down to your gut health. Stephanie gives advice on how we can help singers understand the impact of their general health and wellbeing on their voice and performance, useful supplements to boost the immune system, why sleep is important to health and practical nutritional advice. Stephanie also advises how a singing teacher can help a singer who they suspect might have eating issues, and how to counter the often quite sedentary work life a teacher experiences at the piano.


Stephanie is a clinical nutritionist, author and health coach with a degree in nutritional medicine and a Masters degree in counseling and psychotherapy. She  has worked as a natural health and physical therapist for over 30 years combining her numerous skill sets to help people with all kinds of health issues, both physical and psychological.  Stephanie is head of nutrition at Grayshott Medical Spa where she oversees a radical 7-day digestive health regime that she co-developed 8 years ago and is Lead Nutritionist at a cutting edge medical and sports clinic which opened in July 2019 in Mayfair, London.

Stephanie published her first book in 2017: ‘Why Eating Less & Exercising More Makes You Fat!’, which explains why conventional weight loss advice fails and what to do instead to achieve permanent health and weight loss goals and she has co-authored a new book on SuperFoods with doctor of biochemistry and health campaigner, Dr James DiNicolantonio, to be published in 2020. Stephanie is now researching her new book on learning to love your wrinkles and the psychological and physical cost of trying to reverse the ageing process.

Website: health-in-hand.co.uk 

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