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Ep.11 Just getting started, a new teacher’s story with Matthew Thorns

    This podcast is a bit different as I am talking to recent BAST Graduate, Matt Thorns, about his journey. Matt started out singing as a six-year-old chorister in Oxford. He talks about his vocal experience going through puberty. He then moved into general performing arts and eventually music production and songwriting. He noticed that he was spending a lot of time helping singers to get the best out of their voices in the studio, and he was enjoying the role more and more. In the interview, Matt reveals the top issues he found singers to have when in a recording studio setting. Eventually, his coaching interest blossomed into a desire to find out more and to delve into the performance coaching world further eventually bringing him to the 20 Hour BAST course, which he took with Kaya Herstad Carney. He talks about his biggest obstacle, lack of confidence, as a new teacher and how he overcame it, and the current challenges he is experiencing. Together we discuss how to deliver an online lesson along with a variety of other teaching topics.

    [By the way, Matt is the host of iSingmag’s podcast, where he talks to singers and people who work with them on a wide range of topics]


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