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Ep.99 Ask Me Anything (February Edition) With Line Hilton

    ‘Ask Me Anything’ is where listeners can pose questions to BAST Training founder and trainer, Line Hilton. In this episode Line gives advice on creating cancellation policy, optimal booking systems, when you might need to use a debt collection agency and what to do if a student complains about aches and pains around the larynx.


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    • As a singing teacher, you need a cancellation policy in place, it’s a legal agreement and everyone should be aware of what is expected. If a lesson is booked then you may have turned down other work and should rightfully be paid for your time. 
    • You are perfectly within your rights to suspend lessons with a student who hasn’t paid for previous sessions. Let them know they can book new lessons when the outstanding balance is cleared. 
    • Line personally uses a 24-hour cancellation policy but it can vary depending on demand. 48 hours or even a week can be necessary. 
    • Make sure the lesson is booked by the person who is paying for it, in situations where younger people have their lessons paid for by parents make sure it’s the parent who books you. 
    • For new students, Line has an upfront payment policy. She also offers a discount for people who pay longer in advance by direct debit. 
    • Line teaches people to put the flat of their fingers over their throat and feel the lumps there. If you swallow or talk or sing, those lumps move. This allows people to be more aware of the movement of their larynx.  


    ‘We need to overcome the awkward feelings that come up when talking about money’ 

    ‘Don’t let yourself get into a bad situation, stop it before it happens’ 

    ‘If you don’t look after your money, no one else will’


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