Today Alexa is joined by the founders of The Voice Collective, a voice studio that delivers coaching specialising in body-voice connection, musical theatre, pop, rock, rough vocal effects and cross-genre. Cassi Mikat and William Pazdziora are on Singing Teachers Talk this week to tell you about the benefits of cross-genre training.


  • In general, cross-genre training means taking a singer who is comfortable in a particular genre and helping them find their footing in a new one. The training can completely vary depending on the singer you have in front of you. 
  • A singer who learns to work across multiple genres will usually find it easier to find work as a singer. Also, a student who explores different types of singing will have a better understanding of who they are and where they fit.
  • All singers need to practise stretching their vocal cords. They need to practice balancing registration. There is no genre that doesn’t require you to have an understanding of your voice and your technique.
  • As a voice teacher, you don’t need to be specially trained in a specific genre; you just need an understanding of vocal function which can help you make all the sounds that you need and want to make.

‘I love that. The neutral voice, finding out what feels the most authentic’
‘As a voice teacher, I’m interested in making sure all of my students have all of the options’
‘We can get a little bit tripped up in defining contemporary and musical theatre singing by putting a checklist on it’

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Cassi Mikat and William Pazdziora are the co-founders of The Voice Collective, a voice studio based in NYC (and across the country, online). Their mission at The Voice Collective is to bring collaborative, empowering, and elite voice training to singers everywhere who want to feel joy in their singing, free from limitations. Cassi and William met at Boston Conservatory, where they were a part of the inaugural class to complete their MFAs in Musical Theatre Vocal Pedagogy. There, they became quick friends, bonding over their similar philosophies for both life and the voice. 
Cassi and William both have extensive performance experience in regional theatres and entertainment venues across the United States and the globe. In addition to their MFAs, Cassi holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wright State University in Acting with an emphasis in Musical Theatre, and William holds a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University in Theatre with a concentration in Musical Theatre and a Minor in Dance. William currently serves on the voice faculty at Berklee College of Music.
Cassi and William both were selected to present at Boston Conservatory’s Vocal Pedagogy Professional Workshop in 2022. Cassi presented on finding sustainability and authenticity in pop/rock singing alongside Dr. Jessye DeSilva. William’s presentation was titled: “The Triple Threat Tango: Navigating Breath Strategies for Singers in Musical Theater.” Cassi and William both taught voice at The Boston Conservatory to Contemporary Theater Majors and aspiring Musical Theater Students as instructors for the Conservatory Musical Theater Dance Intensive. Together, Cassi and William have launched a social media campaign to help provide access to information, inspiration, and training for singing artists everywhere.

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