Today’s guest is a musician, songwriter, singing coach, and business consultant to voice teachers known as ‘The Voicepreneur’ which is also the title of her very own podcast. Allie Tyler joins Alexa all the way from Colorado to give you advice on growing your teaching business. 

  • At 19, Allie got a job at a local mall as a vocal coach making $22 per hour. As a teenager, she thought that was great but after doing it for a few years she realised that her wage wasn’t going up and someone was still taking a percentage of the money she earned. From then on, Allie explored running her own business. 
  • One of the things that really helped Allie when she was starting and growing her business was journalling. Get a notebook and take notes after every lesson on what worked and what didn’t work. Do this after a day of teaching or at the end of a week of teaching, whichever suits you. 
  • Ask yourself: what do you value as a singing teacher? What is your mission? Then you’ll know what kind of students you want to attract and what you want them to learn from you. Most people deliver the same knowledge, but in a way that suits their individual style and personality. 
  • Once you know what you want to do, write down how you’re going to achieve that. What exercises and techniques do you know that will get that student to where they need to be? 
  • When it comes to building a brand, you need to remember that the main part of your brand is you. Your branding is your mission, your messaging and how it comes across. 
  • Treat all of your online and marketing presence as a storefront. Instead of talking about me and I, talk about your student’s desires and wants and problems. 

‘I don’t love the business side either!’
‘Follow your curiosities, not your passions’
‘I felt like I learned more about the voice being a voice teacher than as a singer’
‘You need to be hyper-observant of your students and what worked’
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Allie Tyler is a professional vocalist, singer-songwriter, voice teacher, and marketing and business coach for voice teachers.
Her voice-teaching journey began 13 years ago, leading her to fall in love and learn everything about online marketing. In 2015, she began her formal business education while consulting music teachers as a side hustle to help them grow their teaching businesses.
In 2018, she rebranded her own teaching business to “The Whole Voice”, focusing on singing as a self-care practice through group workshops, online courses and The Whole Voice podcast. When Covid hit two years later, her focus shifted from teaching voice students to coaching voice teachers on how to transition to the online space and make money in creative ways.
Now, she is the founder and teacher behind The Voicepreneur — a podcast, program, and worldwide community that helps voice teachers scale their businesses online.

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