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Ep.38 The Secret of Rock Choir’s Success with Caroline Redman Lusher

    Hear the behind-the-scenes story of how Caroline Redman Lusher turned Rock Choir into a household name – and kept the business afloat during lockdown. In this episode of Singing Teachers Talk, Caroline also chats about the importance of building a strong team and finding a healthy work/life balance. The singer and entrepreneur also discusses her fierce loyalty to Rock Choir’s 33,000 members, whom she affectionately calls her ‘Rockies’.


    • Pivoting from face-to-face rehearsals to online sessions during lockdown was a huge challenge, one that took an enormous team effort.
    • The Rock Choir team set up daily singing sessions during lockdown so that Rockies could stay connected and still enjoy the benefits of singing.
    • Caroline has a strong personal connection with Rock Choir members – and wouldn’t want it any other way. For her, it’s much more than a business.
    • Rock Choir provides many people with important social connections and, as a result, Caroline feels a huge sense of responsibility to keep things running smoothly.
    • The biggest challenge Caroline faced was finding a healthy work/life balance. While she may have made things look easy, behind the scenes she was grafting to make the business a success. The long hours and stress took their toll.


    ‘Everyone’s reaction was to try and find their own solutions

    ‘We had the same objective that everyone was working towards’

    ‘I really felt like I’d found plan A in my life’


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    Caroline Redman Lusher is the founder and creative director of Rock Choir, the UK’s biggest contemporary choir.

    The former lounge singer started the first-ever Rock Choir in Farnham, Surrey, in 2005. Today the brand has 33,000 members rehearsing at 400 locations in the UK every week.

    Caroline continues to personally oversee every creative aspect of Rock Choir which includes the musical harmony creations and choreographing of each song in the Rock Choir repertoire.

    Her voice has contributed to more than a million album sales and she has gained four gold and platinum-certified sales awards from the British Phonographic Industry.

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