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BAST founder Line Hilton joins Alexa to discuss the best vocal exercises for pitch accuracy training. You’ll find lots of helpful information on perceived tone deafness, singing and the premenstrual voice, navigating matching pitch, whether being ‘pitchy’ is a thing, props you can use in your lessons, and of course, some amazing vocal exercises you can use with your singing students. 


  • There are several reasons that people may struggle with pitch, these include factors like inadequate ear training, poor vocal technique causing pitch instability, performance anxiety affecting concentration, health issues impacting hearing, inconsistent practice, and variations in tonal memory. 
  • Amusia is a neurodevelopmental or acquired disorder that impairs the ability to recognise or interpret musical elements. Commonly known as “tone-deafness,” individuals with amusia may struggle with pitch, rhythm, and melodic memory. It can be present from birth or acquired through factors like brain damage.
  • Most people can hear when something is a quarter to three-quarters out of tune. Those who have practised with musical instruments and are used to tuning them will often find it easier to notice. 
  • There is an assumption in the singing community that if your pitch isn’t accurate, then you are a bad singer. We’re human, sometimes we’re not going to be completely inaccurate. 
  • Props can be useful in pitch exercises, for example pitching through a straw. There are also apps that you can use to test a student on whether a pitch is higher or lower. Line also records herself doing single pitches in the speaking range which singers can then practise against at home. 



‘I really object to the fact that when someone says they can’t sing in tune they’re labelled as tone deaf’ 

‘Less than 4 or 5 percent of the population suffer from amusia’

‘Saying someone is pitchy doesn’t mean anything’ 

‘There are many great performers out there who sometimes sing out of tune’ 


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