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Joining Alexa this week to chat about the Alexander Technique is Patrick Ardagh-Walter, a professional singer who has worked with the likes of the Royal Opera. He’s a trained Alexander Technique teacher himself and is an assistant at a training school for teachers of the Alexander Technique in Paris. Patrick is here to tell us where the technique originated from, and how it can benefit singers. He also shares with us an exercise that we can try out for ourselves and use in the studio with the singers we work with.


  • The Alexander Technique is a method for improving posture and movement, addressing habits of tension that can interfere with optimal functioning. Developed by F. Matthias Alexander, it emphasises self-awareness and mindful reeducation of the body’s alignment and coordination. Practitioners learn to release unnecessary muscular tension, promoting better posture, ease of movement and overall well-being. 
  • This benefits singers by promoting optimal posture, breath control and vocal coordination. It helps singers release tension, allowing for a free and natural flow of breath, and enhancing vocal resonance.
  • By improving overall body awareness, singers can maintain better alignment and support, preventing strain and vocal fatigue. 
  • The technique fosters a mindful approach to movement, enabling singers to refine their technique and optimise vocal performance, contributing to long-term vocal health and expressive singing.


‘The technique isn’t an activity where you do it and get on with life, it’s a re-education’ 

‘It’s difficult to let go of something that feels familiar and do something unfamiliar instead’ 

‘You can’t ask someone’s brain to do something if they’ve never experienced before’

‘Almost everybody I see tends to stand in a way which interferes with the breathing mechanism’ 


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During a 35-year singing career Patrick toured and recorded widely, working at the Royal Opera, with the BBC Singers and Westminster Abbey choir, in several French opera companies and ensembles, in film and broadcasts, and, for some years, as the bass voice of the Swingle Singers.

Now living in France, he continues to perform alongside his teaching and is an assistant at a Training School for teachers of the Alexander Technique in Paris. Patrick uses his understanding of voice and breathing integrated with the Alexander Technique in private lessons and workshops, in France and the UK, and also to support people approaching the end of life.