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Alexa is joined by Jono McNeil, a seasoned vocal coach, arranger and producer with more than 15 years of experience. Jono’s background includes working on popular TV shows like The Voice UK, The Masked Singer and The Voice Kids, and providing coaching for touring acts such as JLS and New Rules. Jono is also an accomplished artist and singer and has performed with Michael Bublé, Paloma Faith and Jamie Cullum. In this episode of the podcast, you’ll gain insights into the world of TV vocal coaching and the dynamic career of this multifaceted music professional.


  • Jono’s affinity for TV vocal coaching stems from his passion for helping performers to connect with their audience during their 90 seconds in the spotlight. He crafts strategies for each performer, enabling them to make emotional connections with the viewers. Many of the acts he works with are experiencing the exhilaration of creating impactful moments on stage for the first time.
  • Jono enjoys working in TV because it’s a collaborative environment where everyone pitches in to get the job done. He emphasises the importance of trusting the team’s expertise and working together.
  • The challenge in TV is to capture and maintain the audience’s attention, as this heavily influences ratings and the show’s longevity. It’s important to craft content that resonates with viewers, making them want to come back for more.
  • With shows like The Voice and The Masked Singer, there is an art to constructing relatable stories that resonate with the audience. Viewers engage with the personal and emotional aspects of the artists’ lives. 
  • With tens of thousands of applications for shows like The Voice and The Voice Kids, discovering exceptional talents from the sea of applicants is a challenge. Scouts, casting teams and vocal coaches work together to identify individuals who have the potential to resonate with the public.
  • Jono assumes the vital role of safeguarding the welfare of the singers he mentors. He embraces a profound duty of care, prioritising their emotional and mental well-being. Not only does he equip them with technical skills, but he also recognises the significance of their psychological health. Jono is committed to providing singers with the resources they need to navigate the industry with resilience and confidence.
  • On The Voice, the celebrity coaches offer valuable insights into the direction they envision for their singers. They share their creative input with Jono and the other vocal coaches. Jono then tailors his coaching to align with the artist’s and celebrity coach’s vision. The celebrity coaches are very competitive and genuinely want one of their singers to win.
  • The three things you need to succeed in TV vocal coaching are experience, adaptability and collaborative skills. 


‘I love music and what it does to capture our community experiences’

‘Technique is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master’

‘In TV you’re always being auditioned’

‘Our job is to extract someone who we feel is really going to strike that chord with the public’

‘It’s about giving artists a vision which is much bigger than they had for themselves’


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Jono McNeil has provided vocal coaching, arranging and production for pop artists, groups and vocalists within the UK music industry for over 15 years. He works as a vocal coach on TV shows including The Voice UK, The Voice Kids, The Masked Singer, Little Mix, The Search, Wedding Day Winners and Change Your Tune. He also does coaching and vocal arrangement for touring acts such as JLS, New Rules, Needanamebro and July Jones. An artist and singer in his own right, Jono has performed with Michael Buble, Paloma Faith, Josh Groban, Nelly, Jamie Cullum, Philip Selway (Radiohead), Lemar, George Ezra and Jocelyn Brown. He also has several original albums available on streaming platforms. Passionate about the possibilities of popular music and artistry, he pursues innovative research and strategies to see this realised. His academic qualifications include a degree in Jazz and a Masters in Voice Pedagogy.


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