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Digital marketing 101: Learn how to grow your business online

    A new digital marketing course explains how singing teachers can build their brand and their business.

    If the words “Facebook campaign” or “Google analytics” send you into a cold sweat, you’re not alone. Many vocal coaches struggle with digital marketing; they know they should be doing it but are confused about how to get started.

    Or they muddle through social media themselves but never quite know if their online efforts are as effective as they could be. Thankfully former BAST Training student Candi Louise can help.

    Candi’s background

    Vocal coach and digital marketing expert Candi Louise.

    Candi worked in digital marketing for nine years, during which time her clients included big corporations, charities and small businesses.

    After studying with BAST Training, Candi juggled working in digital marketing by day with teaching singing at night.

    Eventually, she felt confident enough to ditch the day job and move to full-time teaching.

    She now runs Candi Louise Vocal Coach in Brighton and specialises in artist development and extreme vocals.

    “I built my business up for quite a while, so when I took the jump [to full-time teaching], it wasn’t like falling off a cliff,” she says.

    “But there was a point where I had to put everything I had done for other people into practice for myself.

    “I had to sit down and say ‘How do I market myself? How do I find my niche and talk to the right people?’.”

    Increased digital emphasis

    The process of putting together her own digital marketing strategy prompted Candi to think about how she could help other singing teachers.

    “To some people, digital marketing seems like another world, and a young person’s game,” she says. “I’m 30, I grew up in the digital age, and even I feel like that sometimes.”

    For those who struggle with digital, the pandemic has only amplified the issue.

    “It’s been sad seeing experienced teachers give up because they’re very people-centred and can’t figure out digital,” Candi says. “It’s such a waste – we need good teachers now more than ever to pick people up.”

    Digital marketing 101

    Candi has put together a six-week online digital marketing course to give singing teachers the tools they need to promote their business.

    The course covers establishing your brand, SEO, advertising, campaigns, analysing your success and brand evolution. Each weekly session is 45 minutes.

    “The idea is to put everything in one place so that we can make it easier for ourselves going forward,” Candi says.

    “I also want to demystify digital marketing; it’s not as hard as it seems, but it is a bit of a long game.”

    Weekly sessions will be recorded and sent to participants, so if you have a teaching commitment you won’t miss out.

    To support the course, BAST will also set up a Slack group where participants can chat and ask questions.

    The course is £100 for six weeks, and only eight spaces are available. The first course, which starts in early April, has already sold out but Candi is planning more. You can express your interest by emailing