In-Person Versus Online

Comparing the In-person with Online class room experience

We offer In-Person and Online options for the 20 hour BAST course. Both are delivered live.

The main difference lies in the practical experience.

The In-Person experience

The main advantage for attending the course In-Person is that you will be involved with practical exercises in the class, sitting at the piano working with other class mates and guinea pig students. Each week you will review the previous week via an in class Pop Quiz and be given suggested self study assignments. Other benefits are that it’s a more personal experience and you can go for drinks after the class with your fellow class mates!

The Online experience


The main advantage of attending the course online is the convenience of not having to travel, especially if you are not located near any of the Trainers. Also your dog/cat can join you on the sofa! The Online course has exactly the same content but it’s delivered live via an online platform such as Zoom.  We have suggested Self-Study work to review each week’s class and which you can do via online Pop Quizzes and assignments. Some these will be reviewed in the next class, for others you will receive an answer sheet the following week. You will require a good internet service as well as a webcam, and a mic/headphone headset or similar so you can ask the trainer questions, talk to each other and actively engage in demonstration exercises. As you will still be asked to demonstrate and try out the exercises it is not recommended you do this class whilst in a public place – unless of course you don’t mind getting funny looks from fellow cafe attendees. We know you like showing off, you are a singer after all, but this might be a tad too weird.





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