singing teacher qualification


We highly recommend you have the minimum of the following:

1. Three-five years of performance experience and/or a qualification in music/performance/singing from a recognised university or college.

2. Basic keyboard skills are preferred but not essential to begin the course. As a requirement to get the course certificate you need to pass (60%) the Keyboard & Scales Evaluation Test.  We believe that to teach effectively you need, at the very least, be able to play scales, arpeggios and root position chords. It is therefore highly recommended non-players get piano lessons.

3. Music theory preferred but not essential to begin the course. All the note names including #’s and ♭’s , triad and seventh chords, commonly used time signatures (2/2, 4/4, 3/4, 12/8), note and rest values plus their dotted values, triplet. All Major scales and triads. Note values Semi Quaver (Sixteenth Note) Quaver (Eight Note), Crotchet (Quarter Note), Minim (Half Note) and Semi Breve (Whole Note), dotted and their rests.

Test yourself

There is a basic online course we have created for those who need development in this area. To find out if you already know what’s needed and/or to do the BAST Keyboard & Scales course JOIN or LOGIN to the Free BAST Membership and go to the Pop Quizzes and Course Section.

Nat Ripepi

“The BAST course was exactly what I was looking for and has been a tremendous help, not only in giving me the tools and confidence to teach, but it has also helped my own singing! I’m now getting comments at my gigs that I’m singing better than ever. Win win! I’m now a vocal nerd in the making! Thanks BAST.” Nat Ripepi Australia

Not sure if you are eligible?