backing tracks for singers

Seven places to find reliable backing tracks for singers

Looking for backing tracks to help your students prepare for auditions or belt out their favourite tunes? Alexa Terry reviews seven platforms that provide backing tracks for singers.

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male singer upper register

How to help male adolescent singers access the upper register

Vocal coach Jo Sear shares her tips on helping male adolescent singers to access the upper register. In her 15-year teaching career, Jo Sear has worked extensively with male contemporary singers. She’s worked privately and in secondary schools, helping many teenage males become confident singers, with some going on to pursue professional careers. Over the years, […]

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Coaching skills the coaching manual

The Coaching Manual: a must-read coaching skills guide

If you want to sharpen your coaching skills, then grab a copy of coaching guru Julie Starr’s book. The Coaching Manual is a go-to guide for anyone who wants to become a more effective coach, writes ALEXA TERRY. Singing teachers raise your hand if you have ever: Had a bout of verbal diarrhoea and found yourself talking […]

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Singing With Your Whole Self cover

Singing With Your Whole Self: a guide to Feldenkrais and singing

Looking for a how-to guide on the Feldenkrais Method and singing? If so, grab yourself a copy of Singing With Your Whole Self: A Singer’s Guide to Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement, writes Alexa Terry. “How does one develop an internal feel for what sounds good? How do you learn to use all of yourself when […]

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Virtual Voice Conference

Virtual Voice Conference – free workshops and special discounts

The world’s leading voice experts will all be in one place next month – online at the Virtual Voice Conference. Here’s what you need to know. The Virtual Voice Conference is brought to you by the good folk at Vocology in Practice (ViP). It is a chance for voice geeks and singing teachers to get […]

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Ways to help a singer fix breathiness

If a singer is experiencing breathiness, how can you help? Alexa Terry shares her tips so get ready for hissing, chopping and tongue twisters. Imagine this: 14-year old Valerie van der Vink arrives at your studio and introduces herself with airy tone. Breathlessly, she performs a rendition of a song by her current favourite artist […]

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Increase productivity

Ten ways to increase your productivity

Increase your productivity by sharpening your focus and getting rid of distractions, writes Alexa Terry. ‘… most people do not achieve the use of more than a minute fraction of their potential ability; the minority that outstrips the majority does so not because of its higher potential, but because it learns to use a higher […]

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How to practise singing

How to encourage your students to practise

“So, tell me,” says the singing coach with a smile. “How have you got on since our last session with the practise we set?”  *Cue montage*  Oliver: “I forgot to do the vocal exercises, but I sang my song a few times.”  Pippa: “I’ve been really busy this week so I haven’t had time to […]

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