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Achieve goals

The secret to helping students achieve their goals

Discover the real reason so many people fail to achieve their goals, despite their good intentions. How many times have you sat in your studio with a student who, quite […]

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Protect Music Lessons

‘We must protect music lessons in schools during Omicron crisis’

Educators push to protect music lessons, following suggestions schools could sideline them in favour of ‘core’ subjects. A campaign to protect music lessons in schools struggling with Omicron staff shortages […]

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thrive 2022

Five quick-read articles to help you thrive in 2022

Want to kick butt and thrive in 2022? These five articles from BAST’s blog will help you achieve your goals and find joy in what you do. Say goodbye to […]

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podcast highlights

Check out our 2021 podcast highlights

As the year draws to a close, the BAST team looks back at a few highlights from our 2021 podcast. We’re not too proud here at BAST Training to admit […]

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singers and six-packs

Are abs fab? The truth about singers and six-packs

LA-based voice and movement guru Jennie Morton gives her verdict on singers and six-packs. In our Insta-obsessed, image-driven society, singers often feel pressure to have washboard abs. But this preoccupation with how […]

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Osteopath reveals three things that can spell trouble for a singer

Osteopath Chloe Spencer discusses the common issues that she sees when treating singers. Chloe Spencer is a woman of many talents: she’s an osteopath and vocal coach, and has also […]

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work-life balance Caroline Redman Lusher

Work-life balance: Rock Choir founder spills the beans on stress and success

Rock Choir’s high achieving founder Caroline Redman Lusher reveals her struggle to strike a healthy work-life balance. The story of Rock Choir reads like a fairy-tale.  Burnt-out lounge singer Caroline […]

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MJ Paranzino Community Choirs

Singing behind bars: The community choirs changing lives

Read how one choir director ignored her detractors and turned her dream – to take community choirs into prisons – into a reality. Most people spend their lives trying to […]

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See, smell, touch: Singing lessons that stir the senses

Discover how vocal coach Gia Morgan uses a multi-sensory approach to help anxious students relax during singing lessons. Have you ever thought about what a student sees, smells and touches […]

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find yourniche Norwood

How to find your niche as a vocal coach

It’s time to ditch your wishy-washy marketing strategy and find your niche as a singing teacher.  When it comes to marketing, vocal coaches often make a common mistake – they […]

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BAST turns 10! How it all started, and our exciting next step

To mark our 10th anniversary, founder Line Hilton discusses the early days of BAST and reveals an exciting new development for singing teachers. A decade ago, Line Hilton sat down […]

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Acting Through Song

Acting through song: Thoughts and tips from MT experts

What’s the most neglected skill in voice training? Voice teacher and founder of Singing Revealed, Philippe Hall, believes it’s acting through song. Philippe discusses acting through song in the Singing […]

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Chimp Paradox

The Chimp Paradox: How to achieve when the pressure’s on

Do you ever go bananas when you’re stressed or anxious? The Chimp Paradox explains how to act like a pro, not a primate when you’re feeling the heat. Five words […]

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vocal anatomy

Vocal anatomy: the Posterior Cricoarytenoid

Brush up on your vocal anatomy by learning what the posterior cricoarytenoid is and its role in singing. Vocal anatomy can be a minefield, especially when a lot of the […]

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digital marketing

Two easy questions that will transform your digital marketing strategy

Devise a killer digital marketing strategy for your teaching business by answering two simple questions. “Get yourself out there on social media” – seven words that every self-employed vocal coach […]

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get started writing a book

How to get started writing a book

Want to increase your profile and bank balance by writing a book? Here are some tips on getting started from the author of three Amazon bestsellers. When he isn’t coaching […]

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history taking

History taking: What to ask your students and why

How deep should you delve when taking a student’s history? Top vocal coach Line Hilton says everything from the pill to periods to lifestyle habits should be up for discussion. […]

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Why trills should be in your teacher toolbox

Tension-busting trills are a fun and safe way to help your students warm up and build efficient breath control. What is a ‘trill’ in vocal coaching? A trill is an […]

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