vocal massage

Vocal Massage: Does It Hurt? And Other Commonly Asked Questions⏱3 mins

Vocal manual therapist Lydia Flock answers five frequently asked questions about vocal massage. Some singers swear by vocal massage as […]

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Vocal improvisation

Vocal Improvisation: Four Tips to Help Singers Get Started⏱ 3 mins

Vocal improvisation is a great way to help anxious singers explore, experiment and discover their full potential. Here are four […]

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Feldenkrais for Singers

How to Introduce Feldenkrais to Singers ⏱ 3 mins

Discover how to get your students started on Feldenkrais, a method that helps develop greater awareness of the breath, body […]

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vocal exercises

Six Questions to Help Identify the Right Vocal Exercises ⏱3 mins

Top vocal coach Line Hilton explains how to tailor vocal exercises to suit the needs of a student.  With decades […]

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vocal pacing

Vocal Pacing: The Secret to Thriving in Musical Theatre⏱3 mins

Top voice scientist Dr Ana Flavia Zuim discusses the importance of vocal pacing and why MT culture needs to be […]

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eat two meals a day

Should We Eat Only Two Meals a Day?⏱3 mins

Nutritionist Stephanie Moore reveals how to beat bloating and lethargy and makes the case for why we should eat just […]

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Former BAST Student Claire Cannon

Claire Cannon Explains How Studying With BAST Helped Her Teaching Career ⏱3 mins

When vocal coach Claire Cannon studied with BAST Training, she found her tribe – a group of people as passionate about voice […]

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Tongue tension

Should We Use the Term ‘Tongue Tension’?⏱3 mins

Singing voice specialist Kerrie Obert sets the record straight on the issue of ‘tongue tension’. Listen for a few minutes […]

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Voice diagnostic tool

The Simple Voice Diagnostic Tool Used by SLTs That Could Help You ⏱3 mins

What is GRBAS, the voice diagnostic scale used by health professionals such as speech and language therapists? When it comes […]

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Yoga and singing

Three Great Reads on Yoga and Singing ⏱3 mins

Want to learn more about how yoga can help a singer flourish? Check out yogi Rosie Secker’s three book recommendations. […]

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Voice Studies

Three Reasons to Pursue Post-grad Voice Studies ⏱ 3 mins

Have you ever flirted with the idea of studying voice at post-grad level? Here are three reasons why you should […]

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mental health

‘The single best thing I’ve done for my teaching practice’⏱ 3 mins

Vocal coach Cat Ogden reveals how she transformed her teaching approach by making one important change. Singing teacher Cat Ogden […]

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Extreme vocals

Three Myths About Extreme Vocals Debunked⏱ 3 mins

Aliki Katriou, aka the ‘Duchess of Distortion’, reveals the three most common misconceptions about extreme vocals. When she isn’t fronting […]

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Beginner singing teacher

Three Tips for Beginner Singing Teachers ⏱ 4 mins

Are you thinking of becoming a singing teacher? Here is some wise advice from David Valks, who started a teaching […]

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Vocal acoustics

Vocal Acoustics 101 ⏱ 4 mins

Here’s a Vocal Acoustics 101 to introduce you to the basics and explain common terms like formants and resonances. If […]

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Build confidence

Six Ways to Help Singers Build Confidence and Ace Live Shows ⏱ 3 mins

Check out this six-point plan to helping anxious singers build confidence as they return to live gigs. The pandemic wreaked […]

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Diversity in musical theatre

Musical Theatre: Diversity, Sizeism and the Role of the Singing Teacher ⏱ 4 mins

Budding MT stars are often told to ‘understand their type’ and select audition repertoire accordingly. Is this the right advice […]

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Creative Spark

Three Books to Help You Reignite Your Creative Spark ⏱ 3 mins

Has your creative edge been steamrollered by self-doubt or procrastination? Get your groove back with these three books. In the […]

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