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‘BAST made becoming a singing teacher such a joyful experience’

    Before the pandemic, Irish musician Sinead McConville juggled gigging commitments with an uninspiring job in hospitality. After studying with BAST Training last year she now works in the music industry full-time.

    Read on to learn more about Sinead’s singing teacher journey.

    How did you get started in music?

    I fell in love with singing at the age of 12 and have been writing songs and performing ever since. Before BAST, I was gigging my own original music and performing at weddings and in cover bands. I also worked in hospitality which I found uninspiring and tiring. Due to Covid-19, these jobs were put on pause. 

    How did studying with BAST change your career path? 

    Thanks to BAST, I found my passion and a job that makes me happy. I now teach music full-time, and my main area of focus is vocal coaching.

    BAST also changed how I use my voice for the better. When I sing, I now have a constant image in my head of my vocal cords, similar to seeing a guitar or piano. 

    Why did you seek out singing teacher training?

    I’ve had bad experiences with confidence in the past, and not always felt good about my voice. I wanted to combine my experiences as a musician and my love for singing to help others find their full potential.  

    I also wanted to make music my full-time career. I’m so grateful to have found a way to combine my passion for music and a way to make money.

    Who do you teach? 

    Currently, I teach kids and adults – anyone who connects with me and wants to sing. I adore working with different types of people and getting to know and understand their voice. My main style of music is popular music and contemporary vocals.

    What is your biggest challenge as a singing teacher?

    It is probably self-doubt, but with the knowledge and confidence that BAST has given me, I’m working through this feeling and trusting myself more and more with every lesson.

    What do you love most about teaching?

    It makes my week when a student reaches a personal goal with their voice. Also, I find explaining to students what’s going on in the throat really fun; they’re always shocked by what vocal cords look like.

    What advice would you give someone studying with BAST Training?

    BAST made becoming a singing teacher such a joyful, positive experience. Throw yourself into the course and engage with it as much as you can. The information you will learn is invaluable. 

    Also, spend time checking out additional resources on the BAST website – they’ve helped my teaching immensely.

    What’s next for you professionally?

    I enjoy teaching virtually and hope to expand my business further by getting more online students. I also plan to release more of my original music throughout the year. Follow me on Instagram @sinnymc


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