Ian Davidson, Author at BAST - Be A Singing Teacher
World Voice Day

It’s World Voice Day!

Greetings singing teacher from all over the world and I hope you’re having a very good World Voice Day! What began in Brazil in 1999 has now been spread across […]

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You ARE helping…

There is a lot of information on singing, coaching and pedagogy out there. A brief Google or YouTube search can be enough to start feeling slightly overwhelmed at times and […]

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The Dancers Guide On How To Do A Singing Audition

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure and privilege (carefully choosing my words here) to evaluate dancers in the singing component of their audition […]

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What is the epiglottis

The Epi-what? The Epiglottis.  

What is the epiglottis? This is a very cool piece of kit that sits at the base of your tongue and essentially keeps you alive! It’s necessary to write about […]

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