Annual NB


We think it’s brilliant that you are considering an annual membership. By choosing the one-off annual payment, you’ll save some dosh, £48 to be exact. That means you’ll only be paying for 10 months of the year. What will you do with the savings? Hmmm…

We know you will find heaps of value from your membership. We look forward to helping you continue your journey as a singing teacher. We will be by your side as you build on the knowledge you already have.

Membership includes:

  • Regular newsletter
  • Members only FB Group
  • Priority notifications on BAST and other relevant events
  • A monthly podcast with singing teacher discussions and advice
  • Monthly Troubleshooting Clinic with a BAST Trainer
  • Monthly educational webinars from experts in teaching, health, science and singing. Value £300pa
  • Access to all past BAST webinars archive. Value £700
  • Teaching Clinic Videos. Value £300+
  • Discounts on Mentoring
  • Discounts on BAST events, courses, and products. Value £100s pa
  • Preferred partner and product discounts. Value £100s pa
  • Annual Free Membership to iSing Magazine. Value £80pa

See you inside!

The BAST Team